About Us

Einstein’s Cradle and Grades

The school is situated in the heart of Abuja and it is a hub of learning and excellence. The school governing board has carefully recruited, trained and deployed a competent and passionate tutors and non-teaching staff to deliver the “GOODS”.

Our “TREASURES” (PUPILS) are daily introduced to lessons pertaining to the environment, communal governance and the polity.

They have developed skills for:

  • Rare critical analysis
  • Synthesization of questions and happenings
  • Distilling and using what is needed and discarding what is not

Our pupils’ story and indeed that of Einstein’s Cradle & Grades is that of a mustard seed – tiny but when planted on good grounds, blossoms beyond expectation. We not only teach children, we train leaders that would transform the society. We teach minds to be LIMITLESS.